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  Have you been trying to learn the guitar, but just don't know where to start? Is the fretboard a mystery to you? Do you find yourself feeling frustrated trying to learn songs? Maybe you are at a standstill with your progress, and need the tools to take your playing to the next level. 

  Imagine yourself being able to execute the songs that you've always heard, and understand how they're constructed so you can even write your own songs!


  If this sounds like you, then Adam is the guitar teacher that you're looking for to guide you to your musical goals! 

  Adam provides the most organized, effective, and professional guitar lesson experience possible. Every week the objectives are laid out for the student, to make their practice time at home as efficient as possible. Objectives are always very specific and paced properly to give the student the best and most consistent progress towards their guitar playing goals. 


Fill out the contact form to get started learning from Adam!

Get a sense of Adam's teaching style from the Jamsville YouTube channel on the right.


Adam Hernandez
Tel: (305) 898-4080 |
Instagram: @jamsvilleofficial

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